fruit salad.

In our second year of university my friends and I signed up for Canada's Largest hackathon, Hack The North. Over 36 hours we built a platform that allows a user to exchange their computational power for free wifi. Yes... we built Botnet as a Service. I was mostly on the front-end, designing the webpages linked below. It was an interesting challenge as it was my first hackathon, my first time making a mobile-friendly responsive website, and my first time working with JavaScript, Bootstrap, and a back-end.

Members: Ali Vira, Graham Bleaney, Erik Derohanian, Wesley Chai

Bananas Wifi

Bananas Wifi was the prototype implementation of Fruit Salad. A video of it in action can be seen below. Here are links to the DevPost and the GitHub. Click the thumbnails in the following sections to open the designed website in a new tab.

Main Page



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