glhf magazine.

In the summer of 2012 StarCraft II was booming. One of the top-posts on the r/starcraft subreddit was a mockup of a StarCraft e-sports magazine. With some time to kill, I created a feeler post asking the community for their thoughts about a real magazine. Within a few months, we released our first issue. Within a year, we were the largest e-sports magazine in the world with 35 writers, editors, and designers, and 1 000 000 reads. We were even featured twice by game publisher Blizzard (1, 2).

Though financial difficulties and industry turbulence eventually forced us to close our doors in 2014, the released issues can be found below.

GLHF stands for "Good luck, have fun". It's the e-sports equivalent of bumping fists before a boxing match and is generally typed into the chat before the start of a game.

Issue #7

Issue #6

Issue #5

Issue #4

Issue #3

Issue #2